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Funding increases requested for the NDF and EXBS programs seek to prevent WMD from falling into the hands of terrorist groups or states by preventing their movement across borders and destroying or safeguarding known quantities of weapons or source material.
While graphics re-use can remove the strain on the Web server for some pages, you must assume that all graphics will be requested on the first request to the home page.
An Idaho regional development consortium requested information and funding sources to develop a homeless veterans job program.
Despite the judge's rulings, M has failed to produce the requested financial information.
An additional three-month extension may then be requested on Form 8868, but an explanation and signature are required.
An organization that fails to honor a request for public inspection of its annual returns is subject to a penalty of $20 per day (up to a maximum of $10,000 per return) and to an additional $20 per-day penalty (with no maximum) if it fails to provide an exemption application when requested.
For example, an MLAT can provide that the requested country will authenticate documents (i.
Some 400,000 of the 3 million people who received mailings encouraging absentee voting requested the ballots, according to the California Secretary of State's Office.
92-20 that Forms 3115 be filed within 180 days of the beginning of the requested year of change has been eliminated.
In the last year, on average, a physician has seen 11 parents who have requested a behavioral drug such as Ritalin; with the goal of improving the academic performance of their child whom the physician believes did not have ADD/ADHD.
The IRS may charge a fee, which is currently $23 for each copy of a return requested for a specific tax period.
5 million is requested for administrative costs for the consolidated authority.