required assumption

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Fannie Mae differs from Freddie Mac on this point only in that the Fannie Mae acknowledgement agreement expressly provides that Fannie Mae can waive this required assumption of liability, in whole or in part.
The sale also required assumption of a CMBS loan at the above-market interest rate of 6.
The second option makes the required assumption of the possibility of no additional state subsidy to address a shortfall of $129-million.
This uncertainty persists because methodology applied in earlier studies required assumptions that may be age-dependent and also because studies included young and old subjects who differed substantially in body size and health status.
Development of required assumptions as prescribed under FAS 123(R) for traditional stock options in any option pricing model -- Alternative modeling approaches such as the Aon Actuarial Binomial Model, Aon Multiple Point Black-Scholes Model, or Aon Hazard Rate Model that better approximates compensation expense -- Exotic models required to calculate the fair value and amortization period of Performance Awards under FAS 123(R)
The EPA already provides "annual usage costs" data on window stickers, and makes the required assumptions necessary to do so.