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Tenders are invited for Appointment Of Chartered Engineer For Issuance Of Utilization Certificate As Required By Custom Authorities For Imported Materials For Packages Under 2.
Provided as a pure-software application deployable in a virtualized environment, it delivers real-time data communication without the cost, complexity and time required by custom code development.
Under the present arrangements, however, recommendation/permission/no objection from BEPZA is required by Customs for according such inter-bond transfer permissions.
Reduction in number of export and import documents required by customs from 5 to 3 so as to reduce transaction cost.
As Conrad explained, custom brokers take care of all the paperwork required by customs on behalf of their customer, which he pointed out is done almost entirely electronically.
IBM said that the new DMS, which will replace the Dutch Customs' current declaration, will be able to incorporate the many changes required by Customs following the modernisation of the Dutch Customs legislation and the eCustoms Programme of the European Commission.