required by law

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According to the report, Facebook said it works with police 'where appropriate and to the extent required by law to ensure the safety of the people who use Facebook'.
Added to that, you are required by law to pay tax and insurance; do ALL motorists?
Five major domestic carmakers said Monday they recovered in the business year through this March usable materials from unwanted car residue in excess of the 70 percent target they are required by law to meet by 2015.
Meanwhile the identity of the child and the mother was broadcast through the media in North America through the AMBER Alert system as required by law.
One of this companies' practices is to take care of the schools, and the firm frequently pays a district more than what's required by law, he said.
A survey by the Newspaper Association and The Associated Press released in June found public employees followed the law only about half the time when asked to provide common records on an unconditional and timely basis as required by law.
But the company said it was required by law to consult with trade unions for 90 days and to attempt to minimise the number of compulsory redundancies.
Now that property owners will be required by law to install carbon monoxide detectors in every apartment in their building, the Rent Stabilization Association of New York City, Inc.
Medicare and Medicaid facilities can state that there are times when the request cannot be honored-including emergencies, if the resident is being transferred to another healthcare facility, or the disclosure is required by law.
Soon after the management plans were implemented, the Forest Service, without adequately amending or revising the forest plans, as required by law, and without adequate public notification or participation, also required by law, began to deviate from the plans.
In December 1999 the district court ruled in favor of Law Bulletin, holding that while LRP did not violate copyright and that the "license agreement" required by Law Bulletin could not extend protection to uncopyrightable materials, LRP had engaged in "deceptive acts.