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As to the second requisite, there are certain questions that the law seemingly could not answer with preciseness.
Considering the period of seven days and the direction/decision of the Lahore High Court, Lahore in this regard, the Authority issued instructions to CPPA-G, to submit the requisite information /detail for the month of February 2017 without further delay.
Zahid Khan said he himself, Senator Zahida Khan and Baz Muhammad Khan requisite the meeting of Religious Affairs Committee meeting to discuss the corruption in sailing of Hajj forms and tour operators issues in the Committee.
E-commerce, Requisite Technology's venue, was especially hard hit by the drop in demand for new products that came with the bursting of the tech bubble.
The requisite heartwarming outcomes ensue, but since everything carries a patina of been-there-seen-that-itis, ``Presidio Med's'' prognosis remains guarded.
121 requires a taxpayer to both own and use the residence as his principal residence for the requisite period.
That requisite element having not been established, the Court awarded a final judgment of possession to the owner.
Both packages also feature the functionality of Requisite Technology's comprehensive, channel-specific framework, which includes modules - such as marketing communications, partner profiles, partner programs, and business plans - designed to help small enterprises improve profitability throughout their channel.
The cost of enrollment in our one-year continuing research program is US $39,500 prepaid for 4 Research Reports, typically published quarterly, and requisite Research Notes.
CHICAGO -- Equity Office Properties Trust (NYSE:EOP) announced today that its subsidiary, EOP Operating Limited Partnership, has now received the requisite consents to adopt all of the proposed amendments that have been the subject of its consent solicitations and related cash tender offers in respect of its outstanding unsecured debt securities issued under its 1997 Indenture and its 2000 Indenture.
Golden Lines brings in around 220,000 active broadband subscribers, a license to enter the local telephony market along with the requisite infrastructure and tremendous cross-selling potential; the Company did not offer any value-added services such as anti-spam and anti-virus software, etc.
Subject to (i) obtaining the Requisite Consents and the Senior Lenders Consents, and (ii) execution of a supplemental indenture by the Company, the guarantors of the Notes and the trustee for the Notes reflecting the proposed amendment, the Company will pay to each holder from whom the Company receives a valid and timely consent that is not revoked a consent fee equal to $1.