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NeuroSupplies Integra[TM] is a leading distributor of a wide range of neurological and sleep studies supplies requited for electroencephalograph, evoked potentials, electromyography and sleep disorders testing.
Published by Chatto & Windus, the 'tragic-comedy of requited love and misunderstanding' was selected from a list of six, which included Whitbread and Orange Prize winner Andrea Levy.
Even better than physical ecstasy is a combined physical and moral ecstasy: painstaking restraint repaid with unabashed trust, the happy conjunction of delicacy and indelicacy, the incomparable privilege of requited love.
By adding the net attachment weight to the capacity of the work tool multiplied by the density, you can arrive at the total weight (work tool plus payload) that the machine will be requited to lift.
The innovative e-training course, "Hygiene Awareness--Principals and Practice", will enable food businesses to comply with legal obligations in providing relevant food safety and hygiene training for food handlers as requited by the Food Safety Act.
On Wednesday's episode, Corday, who never requited the love the little ferret had for her, was the only one of the regular staff to turn up at his memorial.
Or else consider the interplay between Patrick Brennan's Antonio and Rhys Meredith's Sebastian - a one-sided affection that clearly can't be requited.
Desire is "lyric"--the impulse of the moment that cannot abide existence in narrative--and so leaves no room for a publicly sanctioned form of requited desire such as marriage.
Digitization programs based in special collections were discussed as an area in which difficult decisions were requited, involving complex questions of priority, standards, funding, and coordination.
A bright, clean baby, denotes love requited and many warm friends.
This, of course, detracted from the nobility of moral uprightness, and the fact that both good and evil persons were requited equally with non-existence after death trivialized the meaning of life.
O'Hara suffers in them, but not because of politics (as with Auden) or any issue larger than love, requited or not.