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2]-Reranking: using our framework, after geometric verification step, we rerank the initial top K list using [L.
David Naggar, Amazon's vice president, while not referring to a specific competing list, said,"Many of the weekly lists that are out there today tend to curate, they rerank or add or remove books.
Rerank the swarm by fitness and find out the new best particle.
As opposed to traditional surveys, Q-sorts encourage participants to rerank and reevaluate statements as they evaluate new statements from the Q-sample.
In addition, the system utilizes learned models (referred to as post models) to revalidate and rerank certain key-value associations.
Pang and Lee (27) report of work in progress on using simple statistics in an unsupervised fashion to rerank search engine results for a review oriented query.
Moreover, by using the reliability factor to rerank the annotation list, the proposed model can improve the quality to some extent.
By using a community of volunteers who will rerank results and tweak algorithms, Wales hopes to get useful results in categories that are particularly subject to gaming.
S] can rerank with regard to lower constraints depending on the degree of subject prominence in a particular language.
A discussion of the literature review follows, and the panel is asked to rerank the technology.
To achieve this, first we get Radiohead top-100 similar artists and then rerank these results based on each artist's similarity with the user's C2 centroid.