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Beijing, May 11 (Xinhua-ANI): Rescuers on Friday evening worked miracles when they pulled alive a woman garment worker named Reshmi from piles of rubble of the collapsed eight-story building 17 days after the country's worst industrial disaster at Savar on the outskirts of capital Dhaka.
The relatives of the dead rescuer having a nervous breakdown
A rescuer in an orange jumpsuit squeezed into the hulk of crushed concrete and metal to free the baby who was wrapped in a blanket and handed over to a medic amid applauding emergency workers.
Authorities said the death toll had jumped to 432 as rescuers in Ercis and the provincial capital, Van, raced against time to free dozens of people trapped inside mounds of debris.
TINY SURVIVOR Turkish rescuers carry two-week-old Azra Karaduman; below, her mother is freed
One rescuer commented on how the whale floated "quietly" with little to no movement the whole time.
A unique and powerful addition to the INNOVATION FDR/UPSTREAM enterprise storage management tool, S/390 Linux Rescuer makes FDR/UPSTREAM the industry's first complete S/390 Linux backup/restore solution, with a stand alone system recovery facility, for end-to-end business continuance protection.
If your rescuer is injured while rescuing you, are you responsible?
If a victim taps on a piece of rubble, the vibrations travel along a slab of material until 8-inch-long sensors detect the vibrations and convert them into audio signals that a rescuer wearing headphones can hear.
The rescuer along with two observers sights the location of the sunken plastic jug by lining up the jug with two stationary points beyond it, such as pier sections, swim raft, moored boat, or shoreline feature.
The deed of the rescuer tips the scale in favor of the good, and thus contributes to the redemption of all.
In most cases such action was very dangerous for the rescuer.