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Dr Patrick Sullivan, Visiting Research Fellow Indigenous Regional Organisation, Governance and Public Policy, AIATSIS
The OCLC Research Fellow program brings scientists, educators, and administrators with demonstrated research capabilities to OCLC to conduct research with OCLC staff, facilities, and data resources.
We are delighted that Tim Benbow and Mike Farquharson-Roberts have agreed to become our first Associate Research Fellows.
the world's leader in providing unified IP Management and Security Platforms, today announced an industry-leading corporate initiative to develop next-generation security products through the newly created Narus Research Fellows program.
In welcoming the three Research Fellows to South Australia, Minister for Science and Information Economy Grace Portolesi said their expertise would boost local capacity, creating exciting opportunities at the cutting edge of research and development in priority areas for the state.
The medical staff and associate research fellows of the Glycemic Research Institute (GRI) conduct ongoing clinical studies in humans (in vivo) to determine the glycemic index, glycemic load, diabetic, and fat-storing properties of foods.
Their antecedents are verified and police verification is conducted in the process of recruiting them as research fellows.
Business Process Management is growing steadily in Japan, and will continue to reach new heights as proven research fellows work together with our in-house researchers to bridge the gap in BPM," said Prof.

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