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The panel emphasis was a status report on an AFS sponsored research project entitled "Predictive Criteria for Shrinkage Avoidance.
Note: The Question asked in research projects may have the possible answers: "yes" and "no" as in this study, or may be a numerical result.
The EHS Core Center grant does not provide direct funding for ongoing research projects which are expected to be supported through other mechanisms, mainly individual research grants and program projects awarded by the NIH.
The North Carolina project in its first year faced difficult decisions when the community organization with which it had partnered was unable to meet its obligations to the community members and the research project.
RMP is the first innovation in the primary research industry to provide clients with the tools they need to manage research projects in real time while allowing those clients' managers and compliance professionals to control the primary research process at their firms.
The EAC is to help evaluate the merit, value, and contribution of research projects and the relevance and importance of individual organizational elements to the overall goals of the Center.
Incorporation of developmental research projects led by junior and new investigators into the center research and development plans is strongly encouraged.
The Elephant Sanctuary has previously had visits from Cynthia Moss, Director of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project and Katy Payne of the Elephant Listening Project.
Feedback provided by participants will be used to focus an in depth research project on the value of ethics and compliance programs.
Narayanan's third research project thus went into greater depth in studying the effectiveness of these efforts.
OTC Pink Sheets: SLND), today announced that it has launched the Solar Synapse Research Project, a collaborative attempt to visualize and describe what the most efficient and effective smart energy grid might be like, and to standardize its implementation.
This PA will use the NIH research project grant (R01) and exploratory/developmental grant (R21) award mechanisms.

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