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Better reseating tools have tapping attachments for reseating faucets with faulty and battered seat threads.
Gauge pressure based on the feel of reseating primers.
You will need: Two adjustable spanners' Screwdriver' Adjustable wrenches' Washer' Reseating tool' Cloth
DiNunzio says professionally trained service technicians should have no trouble replacing a bulb and reseating the fixture.
The reseating plan, which might also involve a change from the ballpark's familiar rainbow color scheme, probably will take most of next winter to complete if it actually is implemented.
RAIN DANCE - Used for any desperate action taken to correct a problem and originally used for computer hardware - reseating circuit boards, reconnecting cables, etc - as if that will magically fix an awkward bug.
This dimension is generally easily achieved by installing a thicker pad to add a bit more length or removing a section of wood from the butt and reseating the pad.
The central observation I wish to make is that Turing's neat disarticulation of physical indications of gender from the conditions of judgment about "intelligence" (or what becomes in later formulations within his work, as well as the work of cognitive scientists, computer scientists, and philosophers of the mind, a quality called "human-ness") succeeds only in reseating gender firmly within "intelligence" itself: a woman is put in the position of defending and authenticating her gender across the network; in turn, a computer authenticates its intelligence only if it simulates her gender better than she can across the same network.
Unfortunately, the hardened portion of the valve is normally movable, requiring constant reseating.
Although the vessel was seaworthy and repairs were not required, during the loading the taxpayer decided to make substantial repairs and hired ironworkers to undertake a variety of jobs including "straightening [the] crankshaft, truing up journals, adjusting air pumps, tightening up various connections, reseating valves, and other similar work in the engine room.
Sometimes opening the case and reseating the board will make it work, but the worst of it is that the computer can freeze up in the middle of an operation.
He then decided he did not want to leave, but his pride almost prevented him from reseating himself.

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