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This can be cleaned with a special reseating tool available from most DIY stores.
The reseating plan, which might also involve a change from the ballpark's familiar rainbow color scheme, probably will take most of next winter to complete if it actually is implemented.
RAIN DANCE - Used for any desperate action taken to correct a problem and originally used for computer hardware - reseating circuit boards, reconnecting cables, etc - as if that will magically fix an awkward bug.
The specter of reseating the impermissibly excluded juror [would] provide[] sufficient inducement to refrain from discriminatory practices.
Unfortunately, the hardened portion of the valve is normally movable, requiring constant reseating.
Although the vessel was seaworthy and repairs were not required, during the loading the taxpayer decided to make substantial repairs and hired ironworkers to undertake a variety of jobs including "straightening [the] crankshaft, truing up journals, adjusting air pumps, tightening up various connections, reseating valves, and other similar work in the engine room.
Its sophisticated features include laser-based cassette slot/wafer mapping, cross-slotted detection, wafer protrusion sensing and automatic wafer reseating.
RSVP, as the mailing says, is "not a reseating of the Razorback football stadiums.

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