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We have seen that the members of the same class, independently of their habits of life, resemble each other in the general plan of their organisation.
resemble each other much more closely than do the mature insects; but in the case of larvae, the embryos are active, and have been adapted for special lines of life.
The points of structure, in which the embryos of widely different animals of the same class resemble each other, often have no direct relation to their conditions of existence.
Its noise is different from that of the Maldonado kind; it is repeated only twice instead of three or four times, and is more distinct and sonorous; when heard from a distance it so closely resembles the sound made in cutting down a small tree with an axe, that I have sometimes remained in doubt concerning it.
These birds in many respects resemble in their habits the Carranchas.
These tubes resemble in every particular those from Drigg in Cumberland, described in the Geological Transactions.
In a similar manner to that described in the Geological Transactions, the tubes are generally compressed, and have deep longitudinal furrows, so as closely to resemble a shrivelled vegetable stalk, or the bark of the elm or cork tree.
A case which may perhaps be thought to resemble the latter, but which is in fact widely different, affects the question immediately under consideration.
22 ( ANI ): Images reportedly leaked on the internet have revealed an interface that resembles both Windows and Google Now.
based JC Penney's department store recently came under fire for selling a teapot which some claimed resembles Adolf Hitler, but which nevertheless sold out quickly.
I am thrilled by the good news of Rachel's safe delivery and health of the handsome colt who resembles her," said Barbara Banke, whose late husband Jess Jackson campaigned both Rachel Alexandra and Curlin.
Summary: A New Zealand man has blown his savings on a strangely-shaped fruit that resembles a Kiwi bird.