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There is Seok-woo, the workaholic fund manager who reluctantly, and somewhat resentfully, leaves his work to accompany his young daughter on her birthday to visit his estranged wife.
I can drive us both slowly and resentfully insane trying to fight this fact or I can just put the lid on myself (and moan about it later to my extremely house-proud lover).
eth]nhere's something covertly -- almost resentfully -- aristocratic about this couple, like those sulky Russian emigres who'd hang out in European salons in the years after the Revolution.
The host body Teva then stays at the same age and is forced to become a recluse at home with all the other Teva's in her case watching resentfully whilst the newly hatched Teva takes her identity and her boyfriend.
As I picked myself up resentfully and ran for my life amid their screeching threats, I could not help but recall how a few years earlier back home in India, on a train from Bombay to Howrah (enroute to Nagpur), I found myself in a 'Ladies' compartment full of eunuchs, dressed in saris and calling themselves "srimatis".
There are more than a few who speak resentfully of the refugees.
Coyotes get blamed for many sins, especially killing too many fawns, pheasants, quail, rabbits and grouse -- game we hunters resentfully compete for.
Mutual admonishment is an integral part of friendship; it should be kindly and not roughly given, and patiently, not resentfully, received.
Shelley just wants vouchers,' Mel replied, before adding somewhat resentfully, 'She doesn't trust her mum to choose clothes for her anymore.
Yet he's forever damned to live his life in reverse, enduring an upside-down existence that ravages his psyche by making him oblivious to the past and resentfully cognizant of the future.
Vilified by the media and separated from friends, Sara now resentfully shuttles between her attorney and therapist while attending summer school.
He turned kinda resentfully and headed toward a dessicated but surviving tree.