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I wish yon'd leave me alone," she pleaded resentfully.
Then after a pause the unconquerable preoccupation of self came out, and he raised his voice to ask resentfully, "And, pray, for how long have you been making a fool of me?
Of course," he started resentfully, "they thought we had caught at the chance to plunder them.
My eyes are none of the best now," returned the old man a little resentfully, "but the time has been when I had a name for my sight
Gradgrind, rather resentfully, as having been defrauded of his good opinion.
But there was at first sight something so strange about the woman in front of him, that gradually his attention was riveted upon her, at first reluctantly and, as it were, resentfully, and then more and more intently.
There are more than a few who speak resentfully of the refugees.
news was received resentfully at first, but is now accepted with
Death, decay, exhaustion, oblivion; our wandering focus and moments of weakness; our private failings that no one knows but God, and our public shames replaying on an infinite loop; all the seemingly decent things we did with mixed motives, or resentfully or smugly or thoughtlessly or too late; and added to these, our unimaginable and limitless sins of omission, the enormity of all the love we didn't feel and all the gifts we didn't give and all the talents we failed to pour out for God's glory--all these make our lives into a guilty garbage heap of missed opportunities, evil betrayals, and just ordinary human goodness, which is always tainted and self-interested and never enough.
Coyotes get blamed for many sins, especially killing too many fawns, pheasants, quail, rabbits and grouse -- game we hunters resentfully compete for.
35PM Powerful film debut of a 50s icon: Marlon Brando, paralysed by a sniper's bullet, is a resentfully brooding presence in an army hospital.
Mutual admonishment is an integral part of friendship; it should be kindly and not roughly given, and patiently, not resentfully, received.