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The unfortunately most telling example of this is his de rigueur ethic of resentfulness, an ethic that he himself so loathes in "ressentiment morality.
Forcing people to provide excessive labor services often caused resentfulness and rebellions.
Patients and their families cannot heal in environments of anger, resentfulness, discord, and distress.
Patients and families cannot heal in an environment of anger, resentfulness, discord, and distress.
In nursing homes, these outcomes include the alienation of staff by dogmatic managers, and reductions in the quality of patient care as a result of the resentfulness of employees (Kayser-Jones 1981; Sheridan, White, and Fairchild 1992).
Big government creates resentfulness in the citizens forced to pay taxes, and it fosters selfishness in the bureaucrats and other favored groups seeking private benefits from public money.
The individuals in Cluster 5 also reported low levels of emotional adjustment and high levels of depression, resentfulness, and irritability.
The scene with the waitress and Nick's crude remark about her being "`knocked up'" (186) touch on resentfulness.
Although I was not personally racially taunted, my research from speaking to other incomers led me to believe there was an underlying sense of resentfulness towards anything English.
Behaviors such as irritability, resentfulness, or unreasonableness when sober are also indicators, as is loss of interest in hobbies or activities.
It makes the snorer an object of ridicule and causes other household members sleepless nights and resentfulness.