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The unfortunately most telling example of this is his de rigueur ethic of resentfulness, an ethic that he himself so loathes in "ressentiment morality.
Ephram bares his soul to Amy regarding his resentfulness toward his father - ``You want to hate him but you can't; he's saving lives'' - and she seems to take to his wry humor even as she has a secret agenda for befriending him.
Forcing people to provide excessive labor services often caused resentfulness and rebellions.
Big government creates resentfulness in the citizens forced to pay taxes, and it fosters selfishness in the bureaucrats and other favored groups seeking private benefits from public money.
The scene with the waitress and Nick's crude remark about her being "`knocked up'" (186) touch on resentfulness.
Although I was not personally racially taunted, my research from speaking to other incomers led me to believe there was an underlying sense of resentfulness towards anything English.
The last time we changed keys, it was met with the same kind of resentfulness.