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She knows her parents to be open, fair-minded, and predictable; she both loves and resents them and their comfortable, somewhat unusual life.
Ariel resents the man terribly, and doesn't understand why his mother, Sonia (Adriana Aizenberg), and older brother, Joseph (Sergio Boris), don't share his anger.
Evie's older sister Cameron, now Annie, resents her father for "ruining her life.
Events@Work from Seeker Software, automates the most frequent managerial workplace transactions including new hire prto enroll in medical, dental and other benefit resents the employee's current plan, with the a using Beneflex.
Paul's father has remarried, and even though from the sound of it his new stepmother is a nice woman, Paul resents her.
Tonight, Carter's still trying to make sense of his experience - as is his girlfriend Abby (Maura Tierney), who resents his globe-trotting - and that story line will be resolved (sort of) in yet another gripping, agonizing episode next week.
He feels too old for the childish wilderness camp, and he resents being sent away so that his parents can have more time for their work.
A Ventura County judge resents that Chapman broke Mexican law by nabbing Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta, where bounty hunting is illegal.
She's glued to her best friend's side but resents her loud manner.
Westside Councilwoman Ruth Galanter, who resents that her district would move to the Valley, has argued that the new maps be implemented in 2003, thus denying the Valley the fifth council seat it deserves for another year.
At first, he resents the responsible crew boss, Manuel, who is only 16, because Manuel has his father's respect in a way Joe doesn't.
Emily helps out with the sick children at the clinic too, but she resents the amount of time her parents spend there, and she wishes she could return home to Boston with her uncle, who is visiting the nearby island of Weh.