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We have ensured that the active-duty units are aware of all the experience that our reserve units can bring to the table," Kane said, adding that most of the Soldiers in its reserve units have been in the unit for years and have performed SDDC missions multiple times.
In rural areas, such as Carter County, Oklahoma, and Yankton, South Dakota, reserve officers have responsibility for many miles of roads that may not have 24-hour coverage by full-time officers.
Hubbert's modern disciples argue that humanity has now used up half of the world's ultimately recoverable reserves of oil, which means we are at or over the peak.
Surplus Notes: The captive reinsurer issues surplus notes in an initial principal amount, and then periodically in additional amounts (or all upfront, depending on the terms of the securitization), and receives, in exchange, proceeds which it uses to satisfy the statutory reserve requirement of the ceding insurer.
As of Wednesday, the Pentagon said there were 223,790 reserve members on active duty, an increase of 587 from a week earlier.
5-square-nautical-mile Cape Rodney-Okakari Point Reserve off Auckland.
832-4(a)(7), Example 2(ii), the treatment will require taxpayers to include advance premiums in the unearned premium reserve in excess of amounts actually collected by the taxpayer (i.
Because the reserve was thus recoverable, the IRS was asked to rule on whether the extinguished reserve balance was deductible.
For depository institutions that report quarterly, the low reserve tranche and the reserve requirement exemption amount for 2006 will first apply to the seven-day reserve computation period that begins Tuesday, December 20, 2005, and the corresponding seven-day reserve maintenance period that begins Thursday, January 19, 2006.
Bill Koenig, senior vice president and chief actuary of Northwestern Mutual, said that his company's interest is in having reserve standards that apply fairly across the board.
Anybody that ends up testing for the Sheriff's Department as a reserve is somebody who's dedicated to idea of becoming a reserve deputy,'' Jenkins said.