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It is felt that the bereaved woman demonstrates contradictions: sometimes, she acts in this way; other times, in that "sometimes, she acts calmly; others, nervously" or "she acts mysteriously and reservedly.
I translate 'ilm al-kalam, or simply Kalam, here as 'scholastic' theology reservedly, since scholasticism proper developed as an intellectual method and system in an entirely different cultural context; namely, within the western church, particularly Roman Catholicism.
For the sake of this article, the term will continue to be applied, albeit reservedly.
However, The Robins reservedly took the lead on 62 minutes, the result of a woeful piece of defending by Guy Hadland.
Three participants stated they had reservedly good experiences in a mutual-help support group for bereaved parents, though they noted some discomfort.
The JUI-F leadership is reservedly condemning the death of Maulana Merajuddin and mulling over the government's pro-US polices, but who will condemn the killing of hundreds of tribal elders targeted, beheaded and bombed in Waziristan, Kurram, Mohmand, Khyber, Bajaur and Swat?
One of the side-effects of cancer is that many of those looking from the outside in, while concerned that one of their own is suffering, feel uncomfortable with the situation and, reservedly, tend to shy away.
The author of Chapter Nine indicates the use of content analysis but reservedly so, quietly relegating the methods to footnote 31 in the notes (p.
Old school luxuries like truffles, foie gras and caviar are still featured, but more reservedly so, making way for greater menu emphasis on more conscientious luxury foods; heirloom vegetables, locally grown produce, heritage-breed animals and house-made charcuterie, salumi and cheese.
Rosemary Woolf's observation that the wife's mood mends as soon as she gets on board is only reservedly supported by the script.
49) This reciprocity is material as well as spiritual for Hegel and serves to thwart the totalitarian or, more reservedly, authoritarian implications of this claim.
Despite the invective of this narrative, Comettant ultimately writes favorably, if reservedly, of the method: