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The judge's order will allow the refugees on their way to Texas to be resettled "without delay," said Rebecca Robertson, policy and legal director of the ACLU of Texas, which is representing the refugee nonprofit that is being sued.
Support the Liberti KickStarter campaign, a one-of-a kind made in America model blending the best of business and social investing impact, employing resettled refugees living right here in our own backyards.
Small grain harvests meanwhile have grown by 163% compared to the 1990s, and resettled farmers grow 40% of Zimbabwe's maize and 49% of its tobacco.
The UNHCR has certain categories of refugees who should be resettled first: women at risk, children, medical cases, survivors of torture or trauma, those facing immediate security risks or a heightened risk of sexual violence or exploitation, and those who require resettlement to ensure family unity.
Without giving a specific number of refugees set to be resettled to a third country, Ghelli admitted that resettlement is a solution for some refugees but not for all.
In the last 60 years we have resettled more than 800 000 of the world's most vulnerable people so they could begin new lives in Australia".
Iraq: Assailants fired dozens of mortars and rockets at an Iranian exiles camp in a dawn attack that killed five people on Saturday, the first deaths from violence since they resettled near Baghdad last year.
In all, Canada will accept about 14,500 refugees next year, Kenney said, once the 5,000 Iraqi and Iranian refugees are added to the mix, or about one-tenth of refugees resettled worldwide.
The Arab peace initiative has called for measures that would guarantee that Palestinian refugees will not be resettled in Arab countries which cannot bear this responsibility (such as Lebanon)," Suleiman said.
GENEVA: Some 172,300 refugees will need to be resettled in third countries next year, the UN refugee agency said on Monday, calling for more places for the growing number who cannot stay in the country they fled to.
The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, on June 18 said more refugees from violence-racked Iraq were being resettled but the country's displacement problem was not going away.
This report provides information on the (1) status of resettled Iraqis in the United States and the initial challenges they face, (2) benefits afforded Iraqi refugees and SIV holders, and (3) challenges they face obtaining employment with the federal government.