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TV ads will start in the autumn, along with press advertisements for the gels and reshaper products.
The second, manifest in transition in diverse figures such as hyper-Calvinist theologian John Gill and in reshapers of Calvinist theology such as Andrew Fuller or William Carey, is the conversionist approach of the so-called Great Awakening and the American frontier.
Kress defines an `adequate theory of semiosis' as one that is `founded on a recognition of the `interested action' of socially located, culturally and historically formed individuals, as the remakers, the transformers, and the reshapers of the representational resources available to them' (p.
180): machines as "'natural' outgrowths of society" and as "agents of social amelioration"; "the narrative of technology as a means of social control; new technologies and modes of communication as reshapers of perception; technology as satire in consequence of its unpredictability; and, finally, technology as apocalyptic portent," add helpful, albeit late structure to the book.