reside in

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Can we imagine that the electors who reside in the remote subdivisions of the counties of Albany, Saratoga, Cambridge, etc.
He walks constantly on the terrace during the summer months, with a youthful and jaunty air, which has rendered him the admiration of the numerous elderly ladies of single condition, who reside in the vicinity.
Pickwick himself continued to reside in his new house, employing his leisure hours in arranging the memoranda which he afterwards presented to the secretary of the once famous club, or in hearing Sam Weller read aloud, with such remarks as suggested themselves to his mind, which never failed to afford Mr.
In both the affidavit and a transmittal letter to the district director of the INS, Yasay confessed he did not really intend to reside in the United States.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Some 53,490 foreigners reside in Tunisia against 35,500 in 2004.
Officers pay regular visits to prolific offenders who reside in the area and when sighted in the high street they actively monitor them.
Nor is there any ambiguity in the policy term "residence premises" which, as relevant here, is defined as "a two family dwelling where you reside in at least one of the family units and which is shown as the residence premises' in the Declarations.
The specialists, in this case, refer to the various administrators who still reside in their departmental offices.
It also has the responsibility of administering benefits, such as naturalization and permanent resident status on those individuals lawfully applying to reside in this country.
And they have made serious inroads among the 10 million Muslims who now reside in the United States.
They think the information will reside in this nook over here when in fact it is in that cranny over there, and they were waylaid by a generic or confusing link.
The Dallas Morning News reported that about 2 million undocumented immigrants reside in California.