residential building

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The Waldorf-Astoria alone tops all residential buildings with eleven hundred and twenty telephones and five hundred thousand calls a year; while merely the Christmas Eve orders that flash into Marshall Field's store, or John Wanamaker's, have risen as high as the three thousand mark.
For residential building activity, the volume fell 0.
Residential units in the UAE will remain generally exempt from value added tax (VAT), except for the first supply of a new residential building within the first three years of it being constructed, which will be 0 per cent rated, a report said.
Of the 312 new residential building permits issued in the country in August this year, 151 were for villas, followed by 121 for 'dwellings of housing loans', 35 apartments and five others.
It is the tallest residential building in the EU and the second tallest residential building in Europe.
Both non-residential and residential building showed moderate declines while non-building (infrastructure) construction was down only slightly from the previous month.
From the 2,000-square-foot homes at White Oak Creek to the 15,000- square-foot estates being built by a Beverly Hills developer, a residential building boom continues throughout Simi Valley.
com/research/64fe16/databook_uae_res) has announced the addition of the "Databook - UAE Residential Building Construction Industry Business and Investment Opportunity (2006 - 2015) - Market Size & Forecast, Key Trends, Drivers, and Risk" report to their offering.
1 "Multi-family residential building - association of owners" Pelister " 15, with administrative address at the town of Lom, 15" Pelister "str.
Approved building plans include : Chatan Autos, Makki Plaza both commercial and a residential building in Muhafiz Town and other at the Lahore Canal.
This is a 6-story residential building with approximately 26 units serviced by a single elevator.
WMI's, Residential Building Redevelopment Construction in Brazil to 2015: Market Snapshot contains detailed historic and forecast Construction sales value of the overall category in which it is classified.

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