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While giving details he told that in Khyber lot, 3G mobile broadband services are being provided in the areas of Khyber Agency, FR Kohat (Tribal Area Adjacent Kohat), FR Peshawar, Kohat, Karak and Hangu, the areas consist of population of 1,751,600 residing in 503 muzas.
In Kalat lot, 3G mobile broadband are being provided in the areas of Kalat, Gazg, Johan, Mandochar and Surabhaving population of 145,632 residing in 513 mauzas.
Modi's decision is political and unjust for the people residing near the dam.
The Club's members, who are from the Kingdom's southern provinces and belong to the Moroccan community residing in Senegal, commended the United Nations Security Council's latest resolution as it reaffirmed the credibility of Morocco's Sahara autonomy plan, the Club said in a statement.
BEIRUT: Military Judge Fadi Sawwan issued an indictment on Thursday requesting the death penalty for four Lebanese, one detained, one residing in England, and two residing in Israel, who are charged with cooperating and communicating with Israel and its spies.
Local suffrage for Koreans residing in Japan is an issue that has long been championed by New Komeito.
According to Notice 2006-103, because in 2007, Patriots' Day falls on Monday, April 16, individual income taxpayers residing in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Maryland and the District of Columbia have until Tuesday, April 17, 2007, to file documents in paper or electronic form that are otherwise due on April 16, 2007.
Arnett excluded roughly $49,000 of earnings from his tax return that year because he had earned the money while working and residing in a foreign country.
What is known is that, at the time of contact with the French and English colonizers, many of the approximately fifty-three tribes residing in Canada possessed different types of government, ceremonial dress, languages and customs; they were groups of interrelated yet distinct Native cultures.
Significant changes include: 1) an increase in the age limit from six to seven years old where inspections are required to take place, 2) a greater responsibility on the owner to determine if a child under seven is residing in the unit, 3) stricter requirements for identifying and reducing lead hazards, 4) less time to correct violations issued by HPD, and 5) the opportunity to obtain tax benefits through J-51 Tax abatements.
African-American freedwomen residing in New York City worked to support themselves and their families.
But there are also other fish that escape your net's grasp, bits and pieces of valuable information residing outside of the warehouse that are critical to your company's success.