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The actual HOB elevation used, notation of HOB elevation in patients' charts, oral care, and checking of residual volume in the nasogastric tube also improved significantly.
The flow of enteral formula was paused temporarily for residual volume measurements.
As Table 2 indicates, there appears to be more than enough harvest area times the residual volume in the Coastal Plain to provide all the wood chip mill harvest.
Use of a portable ultrasound device to measure post-void residual volume among incontinent nursing home residents.
Simply subtract this number from 200 mL, and you'll know the residual volume.
Oelke and colleagues proposed that BWT measurement is more suggestive for the diagnosis of BOO compared to uroflowmetry and for the assessment of post-void residual volume.
13] These authors claimed that strict adherence to aspiration precautions, such as checking residual volumes and elevating the head of the bed 30 to 40 degrees during feeding, may partially account for their results.
Residual volume from these 2004 acquisitions also influenced the harvest levels for 2006, but at a reduced level compared to 2004 and 2005.
A comparison of the uroflowmetric parameters showed that maximum flow rate (Qmax) and the average flow rate (Qave) were statistically higher in the sitting group; there were no differences between the urine volume, residual volume and voiding time parameters (Table 2).
These included 10% mean improvements in forced expiratory volume(FEV1), and an average 303ml improvement in residual volume (RV), both important measures of a person's ability to breathe.
Increased dead space to tidal volume ratio, increased shunt, and high residual volume to total lung capacity ratio or distribution of ventilation, all have a negative effect on the respiratory drive.
At follow-up visits, uroflowmetry and post-void residual volume were performed and subjective cure of SUI was assessed.