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It is a misrepresentationyou have to put facts why I should resign.
If he doesn't resign now, I am very sure NASS will do so very soon.
net's #INQPoll, which was posted on Monday afternoon, asked the public on their level of agreement with the Palace's statement urging Sereno to resign to spare the Supreme Court from further damage.
The bank denied reports that its governor would resign over alleged irregularities committed when the banking sector was rescued in 2013.
Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said it's up to the individual official to resign this early or not.
They have said they will resign if the Gender Sensitisation Committee Against Sexual Harassment ( GSCASH) takes up the inquiry.
CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal, who presented his party's petition to the YSK, spoke to reporters and said the prime minister should resign in order "not to put any stain" on the presidential race and allow all candidates to compete under equal and fair conditions.
There have been calls for Clarke to resign over the body's links to Stanford.
But Dreier, a top member of the House GOP leadership himself, does not believe House Speaker Dennis Hastert should resign over the handling of the Foley scandal, his spokeswoman, Jo Maney, said.
Can a chief resign verbally or does it have to be written?
With new Chairman Ben Bernanke successfully taking the reins from former Chairman Alan Greenspan, Ferguson decided it was the right time to resign.
Leadership in the diocese was a source of distress earlier this year, when Bishop Hollowell, 57, announced in March that he intended to resign.