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Blanche threw herself back in her chair, and flung her handkerchief resignedly over her face.
Willey came to Maya archaeology resignedly but swiftly found it a fertile field for his own ideas: he decided to apply the methods of settlement pattern recording and analysis that he had pioneered in Peru.
Strangely enough, however, Thrace has remained a kind of wallflower in archaeological research activities for decades, as Mehmet Ozdogan, one of the authors of the monograph reviewed here, has pointed out somewhat resignedly several times (cf.
Resignedly, he hunted with rifle and shotgun, but as successes with deer, turkeys, coyotes, and elk mounted, bowhunting for bears fingered like a shadowy mist on the lake of his memory.
In all sincerity," James says resignedly, any attempt to challenge or confirm the veracity of what is delivered by the religious experience "is absolutely hopeless.
While he resignedly consented to the scheme of Jewish settlements in Uganda, it provoked bitter debate at a subsequent congress, where it was adopted by a slim margin - and even then, only as a temporary stop (it was described at the congress with the German term "Nachtasyl," or "overnight refuge").
Whether the assistant parent had accepted her lot with alacrity or resignedly, her responsibilities would have forced her to handle her developmental conflicts and needs differently from the ch ild without her singular burdens.
Earlier this year Sue claimed resignedly that if there was a major political interview to do "it would either go to John (Humphrys) or Jim (Naughtie)".
However, after 18 months and over $2 million of taxpayers' money, DND resignedly declared the entire project a "bust.
The lesbian series] simply doesn't sell as well," she says resignedly.
Finally," she says resignedly, "I threw up my hands.