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It looks like I have no other option but to wait for the hospital appointment," he said resignedly,
I bent resignedly to the task, with a sliver of regret.
During our marriage, she has resignedly agreed as I insisted on us having a black and white cat, and watched on as I got an ill-advised 'NUFC' tattooed across my skinny, white arm.
Admittedly, this only really troubled me once a year on St George's Day, when I proudly wore an English rose in my buttonhole and waited resignedly for some bright spark to say: "Well, I never had you down as a Miliband supporter.
You can watch for a whole day and you will never see them," he says resignedly.
The short documentary clearly articulates why, though most men willingly or resignedly go off to battle when called, a few refuse to fight.
He made the acquaintance of the legendary Jim Sutherland, who, as the days of ivory hunting were beginning to wane, wrote to him resignedly "Better to have tried to play the game of life decently even if one feels a damned idiot in not having played it with more acumen".
This leads weary-looking judicial police officer Joona Linna (Finnish-born thesp Zilliacus) to resignedly contact a disgraced hypnotherapist, Erik Maria Bark (Persbrandt), in the hope that he might be able to make contact with Josef and help Linna make some progress on the case, which looks like an amateurish hack job despite the lack of any DNA evidence or fingerprint traces.
I blinked my eyes a few times to make sure I was not imagining things but there they were, staring mournfully and resignedly in my window.
I am sure it won't happen, though," he said resignedly.