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After Durga Puja, I will reveal why I am resigning from the party," Roy said in a press conference.
His UCLA basketball program is all but on life support - a 4-7 record, thinning crowds at Pauley Pavilion, growing acceptance of his lame-duck status, disgruntled alumni and now a published report he had considered resigning over the weekend - yet somehow on Tuesday he turned it into a great day for Steve Lavin.
The resigning individuals were provided with Severance Agreements, the terms of which include the payment of three months of severance pay in a lump-sum to Peter Futro, George Anagnost and Jacob Futro; and the adjustment of the exercise price from $.
also promised to oppose impeachment, but said Clinton should consider resigning ``because his effectiveness would be reduced.
6, 1998, I am resigning my position as the women's basketball coach at Cal State Northridge.
The board of directors expressed its great appreciation for the prior service of both resigning directors and their willingness to resign in order to assure continued listing of Chalone's common stock on the NASDAQ National Market.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Chief Lee Baca will announce today that he is resigning from the department to spend more time on his campaign to unseat Sheriff Sherman Block, campaign officials said Thursday.
Verby became a director and later President of Great Lakes Nickel Limited in 1991 resigning both positions in December of 2001.
Two members of the New England Journal of Medicine's editorial board, both internationally recognized experts on AIDS, are resigning in protest over the content and handling of articles criticizing the ethics of a number of federally funded AIDS studies in developing countries in Africa and elsewhere.
Schleyer has resigned or will be resigning from all outside directorships to concentrate all of his efforts on his new responsibilities as President and CEO of AT&T Broadband.
Before resigning, she issued a decree calling for a national referendum on whether the country's vice president - the spot she occupied before being elevated by Congress on Sunday - should succeed the president if the position becomes vacant.