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It ended in my resigning myself to the misfortune of being a doctor.
Lady Lydiard let him go, wisely resigning any further attempt to establish an understanding between her visitor and herself.
To my morbid fancy, at that moment, it looks like resigning myself deliberately to the horrors of a long illness.
I was eleven last March," said Anne, resigning herself to bald facts with a little sigh.
You may be made to stand in the awkward position of a man who is denying his marriage with a poor woman, in order to establish his marriage with an heiress: Miss Silvester presumably aiding the fraud, with two strong interests of her own as inducements--the interest of asserting the claim to be the wife of a man of rank, and the interest of earning her reward in money for resigning you to Blanche.
I must go and get rid of them," she said, resigning herself to circumstances.
I was only going to ask if you had painted it yourself,' said I, sulkily resigning the picture into her hands; for without a grain of ceremony she took it from me; and quickly restoring it to the dark corner, with its face to the wall, placed the other against it as before, and then turned to me and laughed.
Osborne proposed to retain, resigning and preferring to invest his savings in a public-house, where, let us hope, he was not unprosperous.
Then Durdles bolts the something, as if desperately resigning himself to indigestion.
In resigning all further claim on his services, I have only to say that I am convinced of his honesty and his intelligence; but I am more firmly persuaded than ever, that the circumstances, in this case, have fatally misled him.
The second, a perfect gentleman, knowing his own and everybody else's place to a nicety, on resigning to take up a higher appointment out of England got decorated for (really) Inspector Heat's services.
Thus I lived mighty comfortably, my mind being entirely composed by resigning myself to the will of God, and throwing myself wholly upon the disposal of His providence.