resist change

See: persevere
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That said, there are a majority of people locally and nationally who will always resist change, whether that be about the closure of front counters at police stations or their local bank changing their opening hours or even closing down.
com)-- This resistance leads most humans to stick with the familiar and resist change.
Others resist change because they are more cautious or they fear losing something.
I haven't had any wobbles since, which is unusual for me as I resist change.
Cricket's sports science standards are a decade or more behind many other sporting codes yet few sports resist change like cricket.
Not only on every march and picket line, Tina worked strategically with the national team in setting out a programme to resist change.
As their neighbors resist change, Morocco's King Mohammad VI proposed the writing of a new constitution," said the author's article Joel D.
That's great stuff, but the book shines in terms of historical context, including advertising, public policy and why we resist change.
Education has (and will) successfully resist change until that power is at risk (look no further than the music, video and advertising businesses).
Shadow Work founder Cliff Barry provides a foreword to this helpful guide to positive metamorphosis, which delves into why humans resist change so much and how to tap into one's positive inner sources.
Selectors, by contrast, are mindful of maintaining a degree of stability and continuity within the team and tend to resist change in case it is premature.