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The two key drivers that are enabling the growth and expansion of the global flame resistant fabrics market are: a rising demand for such fabric from industrial facilities (especially the oil and gas industry) and a bevy of regulations being implemented worldwide to ensure safe working conditions in industrial facilities.
The specimen isolated from the Vietnamese patient yielded detectable bands after amplification by wild-type and mutant primer sets, which indicates that this specimen contains mixed populations of wild-type and resistant strains (Figure, A).
coli contained a strain that was resistant to at least one antibiotic.
Flame resistant fabrics are explored, including how to properly handle them.
This eventually allows the virus to escape containment, indeed, recent data show that in those who have multi-drug resistant virus, therapy interruption is actually a bad idea because it allows HIV to mutate even further.
Scientists at the Northeastern Cancer Centre continuing research to determine why certain breast cancer patients find themselves resistant to drugs have stumbled upon agents that may aid in cancer treatment, says Dr.
However, certain of the staphylococci, called coagulase-negative strains, are notoriously resistant to many antibiotics, including methicillin, a semisynthetic penicillin developed to treat penicillin-resistant bacteria.
Physicians should note a February 1, 2003 review in the British Medical Journal ("Old Drugs for New Bugs," BMJ 2003; volume 326, pages 235-236) on evidence for the value of older antimicrobials for resistant bacteria, including staph.
By the 1970s, several gonorrhea strains were almost completely resistant to all forms of penicillin; one was traced back to that specific brothel after spreading around the world.
Q: Why do bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?
The majority of the cases of the resistant bacteria, we have a really good reason why they're resistant,'' said Dr.
Physicians blame the problem on viral strains that grow resistant to drugs.