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The author traces the burgeoning Canadian anti-draft movement's interaction with law enforcement and government officials and investigates the complex interactions between activists and war resisters, finding that support for these new immigrants to Canada was far from monolithic.
The newly-established Canadian Coalition of War Resisters (CCWR) actively promoted the Department of Immigration's Adjustment of Status Program, implemented to address the backlog created when the department stopped processing applications for landed status at the border and from within Canada.
However, Canadian historical scholar Squires suggests that acceptance of war resisters (a term chosen for inclusiveness of non-drafted emigrants such as women) in Canada was not without cultural tension.
Yet it seems fitting that nuances of ideas such as "symbol," "mystery," "efficacy," and "presence," important as they might be from a theological perspective, find no more place in this book than they have usually found during all the years of interchange between the archdiocese and the resisters.
About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War, by Jeff Matterson
Resisters in nine parishes took physical custody of their beloved churches and began an occupation that would continue, in some cases, until today.
Five Egyptian security personnel died when Israeli troops repelled the resisters following the attack near Israel's Red Sea resort of Eilat on Aug 25.
expatriates and draft resisters in alternative political and cultural communities within Toronto during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Using multivariate techniques, the research is analyzed further by three segmented clusters: proactive, socially influenced, and resisters.
Numerous anti-war organisations throughout the United States are openly embracing war resistance, with groups like Courage to Resist, the Civilian Soldier Alliance, and the War Resisters League working to build networks of support for resisters.
QUETTA, January 05, 2010 (Frontier Star ): Central Convener and Nazim elections Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Ideology) Moulana Abdul Qadir Loni has demanded of the Government to end military operation in tribal areas and South Waziristan and must enter in talks with resisters like talks is underway with Baloch resisters.
THE WILL TO RESIST: SOLDIERS WHO REFUSE TO FIGHT IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN offers an in-depth study of modern military resisters, considering dissent within military ranks and outside of it and documenting the resistance of soldiers who decide to go AWOL within Iraq and at home.