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The crack may also kink into the substrate or the coating once again after it extends along the interface, (35) which offers the minimum resistibility.
Qigong has extremely great value for blood circulation and formation, digestion, resistibility of organism to environment pollution and etc.
Therefore, the resistibility to economic recession of the PET bottle industry is higher than other sectors, such as the packaging film market, which is highly fragmented and technologically outdated.
An analysis of the disputations produced between 1603 and 1609 leads Stanglin to conclude that the main differences between Arminius and the other Leiden theologians are his emphasis on faith as a condition for election, and his belief in the resistibility of grace.
In later years, at any rate, when Hammond became fully committed to the thesis of the resistibility of grace, the elaborated and empowered if would carry him quite out of a frame of reference that can in any meaningful sense be termed Calvinistic or puritan.