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The 25-year-old pleaded not guilty and denied assaulting the two policewomen or injuring them while resisting arrest.
As discussed in previous articles, wood treated with copper salts does the best job at resisting absorption of water from the environment, and generally speaking, the higher the copper content, the higher its resistance to absorption.
For Borann Heam of the Network, resisting the administration's domestic war tactics involves making connections between the aggressive racism and xenophobia now legally sanctioned under the guise of homeland security and the long-standing criminalization of youth of color.
Resisting Twelve-Step Coercion provides the reader with the practical scientific information necessary for making informed decisions concerning addictions treatment and self-help approaches--two areas that are sadly lacking in adequate consumer information and consumer protection.
The resisting Dineh say they consider Big Mountain a holy place.
Whereas a one-on-one physical confrontation may result in injury, the presence of additional officers may mean that even a violently resisting inebriate can be subdued without serious harm to anyone.
Resisting is the more important of these books, thanks to the essentially materialist, politically left view that most of the writers collected in it bring to the subject.
The IRS said, whether costs relate to a friendly merger or to resisting a hostile takeover, the long-term benefit test required the expenditures to be capitalized.
The Tax Court did not expressly address the treatment of expenses incident to resisting a tender stock offer, and there remains some question whether National Starch can be extended to preclude the deductibility of such expenses.
A deadly fungus is attacking flowering dogwoods, and new research indicates the trees have little chance of resisting it.