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These results document the resistive losses that occur when casters swivel and underscore the need to measure resistive losses of a wheelchair system during turning maneuvers in addition to straight trajectories.
Resistive memory is receiving significant attention from academia and the electronics industry because it has a simple structure, high-density integration, fast operation and long endurance.
The findings of the study indicated that greater peak power outputs were obtainable when resistive forces reflected FFM as opposed to TBM.
The classical four-wire resistive touch screen is popular for single-touch applications because of its low cost.
where the Subscript 1 and 2 represents free space and coated RAM layer dividing resistive sheet, just as shown in Fig.
The SDLT design incorporates the Magneto Resistive Cluster (MRC) head design into LGMR assembly along with the Pivoting Optical Servo.
The Freedom load banks provide resistive loading up to 105 kW continuous at 480 Va.
Models in the FID554 Series use standard, four-wire analog resistive technology.
If you coached at the time, you will recollect the many "mini-gym" isokinetic devices and "exer-genie" products used for "specific training" and resistive running practices.
In a series of experiments, the collaborators discovered that the applied positive voltage transforms a patch of organic material into a disorderly, or amorphous, arrangement, which is much less resistive than the ordered crystalline film.
In its search for the perfect nonlethal means to control resistive subjects, the law enforcement community often finds itself embarking on the wrong course, looking for easy answers that do not exist.
The new MicroTouch resistive touch screen uses a voltage gradient on a plastic-on-glass membrane overlay to sense touch.