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Unlike fixed-frame unloaders that require sufficient headroom above the top of the frame to clear the load-backrest of a forklift, the Split Frame Unloader allows the upper frame to be re-located by forklift onto the plant floor, loaded with a bulk bag and then resited back onto the sub-frame within several centimeters of the ceiling.
As such, the project had to meet North American and European environmental standards and was resited twice to avoid the flyways of the critically endangered Galapagos petrel.
This year Asda will open at least 15 new stores - including a resited, larger store in Llandudno which has already created 150 new jobs.
Setting a constant backdrop for one portion of the show, resited from stage to gallery, the screens provided the exhibition with a kind of spatial metronome--a background rhythm against which one inevitably took stock of one's own movements, as if in a drama.
Overhead power lines are to be resited and some underground cables laid.
They want the 120 x 60 foot sign to stay, but since it's attached to a metal structure on the roof of a building, it would have to be resited or incorporated in some way into the design of the new residential buildings.
But those officials resited the idea, in part to avoid the kind of controversy over sex education currently swirling around Koop.
Huddersfied Giants star Eorl Crabtree and Mayor of Meltham Clr Edgar Holroyd-Dove-|ton officially open the resited Meltham Post Office at the Carlile Institute last month
A FOUNDATION stone has been resited and blessed at Coventry's University Hospital.
Since Ascot's straight course was resited in the middle of the last decade the track has earned a reputation as being one for specialists and, after many years of deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that it's the closest thing we have to an all-weather straight course.
Four were resited or rebranded and are trading in line with expectations, Moss added.