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G Cooper, boundary wall and railings, resiting of vehicular entrance, raising level of land and erection of pergola at 18 Church Lane.
It has boosted sales per square foot by resiting some stores, usually through the opening of a smaller shop in the same town, while it has also consolidated Mothercare and ELC into one store where they both exist on the same high street.
It would not, however - as Alastair Down suggests - be a knee-jerk reaction to look at further ways of improving its safety, possibly even resiting it.
Single-storey rear extension to provide seating area, store and resiting of stairs at The Fish Bar, 257 Lyndon Road, Solihull.
Black Bank Pool, Colliery Lane, Exhall, revised parking layout and resiting of bin store to side of apartments 12-18, Barratt Mercia.
The statue of Murdoch, Boulton and Watt, still awaiting resiting
Key factors are the building of the Kings Dock arena, a decision on the Pier Head museum of Liverpool, rebuilding of Liverpool FC's ground (and resiting of Everton's?
A tiny fraction of his ill-gotten gains spent on resiting the signal in the Paddington crash would have saved 31 lives.
Limited Tenders are invited for Resiting Of Binns And Berry Cnc Lathe Model No: Data 90 Sl No: 80205
maternity units was repeated in 2003, a substantial change in reported practice was noted, with 28% of units routinely placing an ITC rather than resiting the epidural catheter.
Their objections are against its planning proposal, which will mean that the new development and the resiting of the store will block light from all nearby properties.