resolution of the court

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Alicia Austria-Martinez, reversed and set aside the resolution of the Court of Appeals.
On the other hand, Pulma said that Corona still has the opportunity to contest the resolution of the court.
The SC reversed a September 30, 2009 decision and a January 22, 2010 resolution of the Court of Appeals that upheld the dismissal of the cases.
In the meantime the club is still generating cash and we hope to able to survive until the resolution of the court case and sell the club before we run out of cash.
Meanwhile, city attorney Tim Marx said that his office is reviewing whether the city must re-issue a license to the gun shop pending resolution of the court case.
The issuance of such a summons suspends the statute of limitations for assessment of tax until after a final resolution of the court proceeding to enforce or quash the summons.
The decision and resolution of the court in the referenced matter, which involves a TRO over two implants only and not all contraceptives and not over the entire RH Law, became final and executory,' Te said in a statement.
In tossing out Purisima's petition for review on certiorari, the high court sustained the July 29, 2015, resolution of the Court of Appeals which also upheld Morales' decision.
The brazenness and brutality of the crime shocked the world, prompting President Benigno Aquino, who took office in 2010, to work for a resolution of the court proceedings before he steps down from office next year.
14 resolution of the Court of Appeals, Judge Maryann Corpus-Manalac of Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 141 ordered Tuesday Sunvar Realty Corp.
Specifically, the heirs wanted the SC to reverse the March 22, 2013 decision and January 21, 2014 resolution of the Court of Appeals (CA) which cleared Go of any criminal liability.

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