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Therefore, one should take into account the topic of the argument when seeking to understand the relationship between resolvability of the argument and perceived harm from a serial argument.
On the first step, we entered three control variables commonly used in earlier research to control for selection biases: relational status (0 = broken up, 1 = still together), level of resolvability (0 = difficult, 1 = easy), and number of argumentative episodes.
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2014) Strong converse and second-order asymptotics of channel resolvability.
The ways in which various positive and negative emotions interact with serial argument message features and with cognitions, such as rumination and perceived resolvability, are only just beginning to be explored (e.
The theory and applications of resolvability in graphs.
It seems, for instance, a natural way to look at issues of resolvability and systemic importance.
These authorities are also worried that the efforts by home supervisors to improve those groups' resolvability, including the preparation of recovery and resolution plans as well as application of structural measures on bank activities, could result in banks 'compartmentalizing' their different operations, which may weaken the ownership chain and the availability of group liquidity and capital support.
Andrew Bailey, deputy governor of the Bank of England and chief executive of the PRA, said: "Improving the resilience and resolvability of firms has been at the heart of international and domestic reforms since the financial crisis.
The Bank of England on Monday revealed the publication of four papers which propose changes to improve the resilience and resolvability of deposit-takers and reduce the disruption to customers and the system if a deposit-taker or insurer fails.
The reported composition of firm assets represents a further challenge in judging their resolvability, as it is opaque and the relationship among affiliate firms is sometimes unclear.
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