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Ermotti, group chief executive officer, said: 'Today, UBS is taking another significant step towards improving the resolvability of the Group and substantially complying, well ahead of schedule, with Swiss Too-big-to-fail requirements.
As such, it assumes the answer to the second question posed above must be "yes"--the federal judicial system should continue to centralize and collectively resolve claims with nominal commonality even though that resolvability typically hinges on private settlement, not a determinative judicial ruling or a jury trial.
The resolution authority should request wider separation than considered mandatory above if this is deemed necessary to ensure resolvability and operational continuity of critical functions.
The last issue I want to talk about on the SIFI regulatory front is how to improve the resolvability of financial firms.
For these types of systems, the most notable recent trends have been a move away from zinc as a divalent metal used to crosslink and build durability, and the resolvability of the floor polish," comments Gaston.
Among his topics are topological groups, left invariant topologies and strongly discrete filters, ultrafilter semigroups, almost maximal topological groups, and resolvability.
On the other hand, it is doubtful that separability of operational systems, though desirable for effective resolvability, would itself be enough," the report said.