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The issues are) Difficult, I mean, they're resolvable, but difficult from the point of view of making a political decision to compromise on both sides," he added.
CONdition Zebra provides Risk Management and Critical Infrastructure Security solutions that reduce risk to manageable and resolvable levels, and which focus on international and industry-specific compliance standards and frameworks.
The computer program, or algorithm, is able to convert the diffraction patterns produced by the X-rays bouncing off the nanoscale structures into resolvable images, the report said.
We want to resolve this issue and we believe it is perfectly resolvable, but it requires management to back away from their determination to push through these changes.
All identifiers so assigned are then resolvable over the Web, yielding related metadata and the text of the achievement assertion identified.
Notably: "Is the Sudanese Problem in Darfur resolvable by reconciliation between the National Congress Party and the Popular Congress party through the position of Vice President?
The performance parameter sections cover field of view, modulation transfer function, and minimum resolvable temperature difference, as well as less common parameters, such as slit response function, narcissus, and scene influence factor.
The systematic risk associated with transactions in financial markets is termed resolvable risk in Bhattacharya's dissertation.
These topics, while certainly not resolvable in the brief exchange at the end of this panel, provided a sub-text for ongoing discussions for the remainder of the conference.
John Darley, TENYAS director of patient services, said: "Most of the issues identified by UNISON representatives require local negotiation to resolve and these are all resolvable through negotiation.
He explores, theoretically and computationally, the psycho-cognitive factors governing the financial behavior of individual investors in the presence and absence of downside risk, postulating the concepts of resolvable and irresolvable risk using neutrosophic probability.
The difference between the politicians is miniscule and easily resolvable.