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Although I've been talking about OpenURL primarily in the context of the linking that takes place from within a discovery platform, your OpenURL resolver plays another important role: being the primary interface to content discovered outside of the library on the network at large, such as content discovered via Google Scholar.
Each ANA2 unit can connect to two single resolver transducers or to one dual resolver transducer
The first resolvers saw action during World War II in applications involving positioning and pointing artillery guns.
Conversely, a notably weak area for commercial resolvers is their integration of print and microform holdings from local integrated library systems into resolver results.
This means that when a user with a local link resolver clicks a DOI link, he/she will be routed to the resolver, which will display appropriate links.
AMCI NR25 DeviceNet resolvers are offered in a variety of package options including flange mount, servo mount, solid shaft, and hub shaft; with two M12 connectors on the back supplying power and DeviceNet connectivity.
In many ways, link resolvers simplify access to full text.
But at least there's been one big improvement when it comes to linking resolvers.
The encoders employ a configuration that makes them drop-in replacements for resolvers.