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Magnetic resonance can be used to measure nerve loss and damage, to assess how well a body organ is functioning, and how glucose is metabolized.
Along with Woodland-based Puroast Coffee, MRDC is test-marketing a ``smoother tasting'' coffee derived by making a slight adjustments to the atomic resonance levels in coffee beans when roasted.
The intensity of transmission at a resonance associated with SRRs of a certain size is inversely proportional to their order.
Total 7 students from Resonance got selected in the first stage of International Physics Olympiad (National Standard Examination in Physics) out of which 5 students are from Kota Study Centre and 2 from Mumbai Study Centre.
4) Research has shown that the decibel levels of the voice within the throat and mouth during singing are unbearably loud, but the majority of that sound never escapes the body because of the filtering properties of the resonance tract.
Roubik wrote the music and the pair carefully measured the resonance of various notes and chords to see which worked best.
In 2009, JNV invited Resonance (Kota, Rajasthan-based premier coaching institute for IIT-JEE), for a valuable social contribution modeled on distinct corporate social responsibility, through providing specialized two-year classroom coaching for IIT-JEE to a selected group of JNV students.
Despite uncertainties in the precise values of resonance parameters, the theory of how to model neutron resonance reactions is well enough established to allow us to estimate the order of magnitude of these contributions.
If they gain a resonance effect, which is a bonus, they take the opportunity to invest even more energy in their calling efforts so as to become supersexy males," says Lardner
This book is based on oral presentations given at the 5th International Conference on Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science held at the University of Aveiro, Portugal in September 2000.