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Table 51: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment Market by
Its product line features a seamlessly integrated set of software and hardware components that can also be used separately to simplify the complex operations required by functional magnetic resonance imaging.
ViaLogy(R) Quantum Resonance Interferometry is software or firmware for active signal processing of data.
says: "Our due diligence procedures have verified that Jacobson Resonance is an effective and safe new technology.
Simonotto's work brings together knowledge from video engineering, computational neuroscience, and the theory of stochastic resonance," Stemmler says.
MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING is the first international multidisciplinary journal encompassing physical, life, and clinical science investigations as they relate to the development and use of magnetic resonance imaging.
All Canadian technicians will be trained in the operation of Jacobson Resonators at Bio Resonance Technology, Inc.
The notion of using nuclear magnetic resonance for imaging individual molecules originated with physicist John A.
A Basic Investigation of Heating Effects on Total Hip Prosthesis in Combination with a Simulated Skin Contact of the Inner Thighs During Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with a 1.
To date, over five hundred (500) patients have been treated in the Guadalamina clinic resonance medical center located in Marbella, Spain, with outstanding results in the alleviation of chronic pain.
OTCBB: BIPH; FWB: BTN), a developer of next-generation medical technology, will present to a high-profile scientific workshop several of its patented solutions to enhance the safety of implanted medical devices and surgical instruments in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) environments.