resort to arms

References in classic literature ?
Many of the Tahitians were at first disposed to resort to arms, and drive the invaders from their shores; but more pacific and feebler counsels ultimately prevailed.
It is useless to waste words, and we cannot resort to arms, for you have us entirely in your power.
Sheik Abdusselam Barzani was co-founder of first Kurdistan political organisation "Irshad" that advocated independence in 1912 and was first one to resort to arms [i] -- for which Ottoman Turks hanged him in September 1914 in Mosul.
Despite this, a stronger HDP may actually contribute to the solution of the PKK problem in Turkey because if there is a pro-Kurdish political party in Parliament, the armed branch of the Kurdish movement will lose its excuse to resort to arms in order to make its aspirations be heard.
Al-Bashir warns rebel groups against insistence to resort to arms to resolve outstanding issues.
In Wales, as in all combatant nations, the voices of dissent were drowned by a chorus supportive of the decision to resort to arms.
President Hadi has consistently maintained that no legitimate group need resort to arms because the new Yemeni state allows all Yemenis to achieve their goals through a peaceful political process.
The leaders of these tribes handed over a written commitment to the president Omer Al-Bashir where they pledge to not resort to arms and resolve their differences peacefully.
Unlike in previous programmes, the text does not explicitly confer on Hezbollah a role of resisting Israel but still acknowledges the right to resort to arms outside the authority of the state.
This is the result of a choice to resort to arms over peaceful political dialogue and genuine change," it concluded.
The delegation calls to "launch a national comprehensive political dialogue, concurrently with the military action, in such a manner as to counter the risks and unify the ranks of the national forces which do not resort to arms in policy".
But many analysts worry that the country's Kurds, some of whom have received military training in northern Iraq, might resort to arms to secure more autonomy or even independence for their corner of Syria, further destabilizing the country.