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Although Oxygen hasn't experienced the resounding success of previous deals, Winfrey is confident in its future.
Bishop Stavert said that his diocese of Quebec gave resounding support for continuing with the three-way companion diocese relationship: just prior to Bishop Robinson's consecration, Quebec's diocesan synod unanimously passed a resolution reaffirming the relationship and expressing special concern for the diocese of New Hampshire in its time of turmoil.
Bermuda A were celebrating taking the D Division crown following a resounding 123-72 verdict over Griff C where they took five of the six games to complete their programme on a high note.
You need a good sound knowledge of your people and constituency and must get out and about," he said in what some see as a resounding criticism of Dana's attempts at national politics.
The answer to that question is a resounding yes, according to a study conducted by H CIA, Inc.
Scotland is set to give a resounding Yes for its own parliament, according to opinion polls last night.
Against a backdrop of Celtic moons and suns, the resounding message of the singers is one of hope:
The collective voices provide a resounding counterpoint to the prevailing conservative ideologies in that critical liberatory epoch.
A long-awaited Tax Court decision in a case involving the Federal National Mortgage Association has resulted in a resounding victory for Fannie Mae.
By then, public outcry over the chemical's use on apples had grown to a resounding roar, fueled by new reports on its threat to children and prevalence in apple juice (SN: 3/4/89, p.
In the First we hear Beethoven's ability to pick on themes, develop them and bring them to a resounding fruition, a technique employed to the full in the immense Ninth.