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But it's aimed at responding resourcefully to all manner of emergencies, from from urban floods to airplane crashes.
In a recent interview with Kyodo News, Maraguinot recounts his surprise at the material wealth of Japan in contrast to his home country, which he said simply tries to ''apply things resourcefully,'' and his feeling that Japan can use its economic might to help tackle the issue of child exploitation.
But singer Juliette Koka does a remarkable impersonation of the chanteuse, and Rioult used her resourcefully in La Vie en Rose, a suite of nine dances to Piaf songs.
That usually means resourcefully finding more informative folks, such as plain people on the streets or foreign correspondents or employees of global businesses or service organizations who might talk either on or off the record.
Ginger refuses to give up, however, and the chickens resourcefully build an airplane and fly to freedom (with a little help from Rocky).
The addition of an education calendar on the back page uses the space resourcefully and provides important seminar and conference data.
At base, he casts it as a story of the Laichinger as a community dealing - warily, resourcefully, perseveringly - with larger forces that extended beyond their horizon.
He also resourcefully tracks down the federal judge who issued the prior restraint order in the H-bomb case and wins a fascinating admission that he may have overreacted to government scare tactics.
5 billion Professional & Printing Imaging division, we had to reinvent ourselves to anticipate and adapt to fast-changing environments and customer needs by moving quickly and resourcefully.
But there was still time for Cottee to break through again, after a grave mis-kick by Coleman, only for Ward to save resourcefully with his legs.
Boismard resourcefully argues that the pre-Easter version of the miraculous catch of fish is prior (as in Luke 5, not John 21).
Physician retention endeavors are resourcefully and cleverly delineated.