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Similar to general learned resourcefulness, research has found that sexual resourcefulness is acquired in the earlier years of life, particularly from mothers (Kennett, Humphreys, & Schultz, 2012).
Against this background, this study proposes and tests a conceptual model that investigates customer orientation as a mediator of the relationship between job resourcefulness and hotel employee outcomes.
learned resourcefulness and parenting styles, have provided a great deal of knowledge regarding their contents and correlates, the relationship between these two constructs is quite limited and has been investigated with different aspects of parenting.
CIO evaluated resourcefulness in four key areas: asset management, staffing/sourcing, partnerships and value/governance.
Indians take justifiable pride in the nobility, resourcefulness, and bravery of their ancestors.
Resourcefulness, versatility, and initiative to enliven work and play with young people.
One of their main aims is to give continuity to the moral values which lie behind the region's success: integrity, dedication, resourcefulness, high standards of workmanship, family loyalty and service to the community.
Disease-causing microbes have achieved notoriety for their resourcefulness, often borrowing a molecule from the afflicted host organism to aid infection.
Glikl, like many women, showed both energy and resourcefulness in dealing with the trials of her life.
Until now, digital scrapbookers have had to rely on their own resourcefulness to bring their digital creations into the physical realm," said Katie Pertiet, a member of the Shutterfly Digital Scrapbooking Advisory Team.
This reflects some treasured values: self-reliance, resourcefulness, and individualism.
Higher general resourcefulness and sexual self-efficacy scores and fewer reasons for consenting to unwanted sexual advances were direct predictors of higher sexual resourcefulness scores.