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The first version of Resourcefulness is targeted for secondary and higher education.
To date, no research has investigated whether the factors that predict sexual resourcefulness and consent to unwanted sexual activity in undergraduate women also applies to undergraduate men.
This study focuses on job resourcefulness and customer orientation, because there is a paucity of empirical research regarding their effects on various job outcomes in the services marketing literature.
Job resourcefulness and customer orientation are among the critical personality traits that seem to pay dividends in frontline service jobs (Karatepe, 201la; Yavas, Karatepe, & Babakus, 2011).
When asked about his prospecting success, Dave opened a double desk drawer, which contained a mass of directories and bound lists, the result of Dave's daily, weekly and continuous employment of imagination and resourcefulness in pursuit of "suspects" who might easily be reclassified as prospects.
In this issue of Farm Collector, resourcefulness is part of nearly every article.
These proposals indicate that parents can accomplish a great deal in terms of instilling good self-control in their children by providing them a supportive learning environment to develop and expand their learned resourcefulness repertoire.
This deal would not have been possible without the patience, cooperation and resourcefulness of the multiple parties involved.
It recognizes the most outstanding entries and excellence in terms of quality, creativity and resourcefulness.
Culinary disaster and resourcefulness blend to create an unexpected fiesta in this fun story.
GMCI's emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness allows us to encourage and support outstanding men and women across a broad spectrum whose creativity and resourcefulness are key to innovation and the vitality and sustainability of our nation.
Highly recommended reading for introducing young people to the bravery and resourcefulness of little feathered friends.