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But for a large section of households that are resourceless owing to population pressures, migration is the coping mechanism.
In order to pursue the study of drug-user subcultures in Estonia, we propose that the present study be contrasted with analyses of the subcultures of other, more resourceless groups of illicit-drug users.
The impetus for this study was VLV, a small, resourceless, but accomplished group.
One of the oddest developments in this story is that a movement such as campus feminism, which began with the aim of giving women more power--more faith in their own resources; greater enfranchisement, sexuality, and independence--has ended by infantilizing them to this extent, sensitizing them to slights they never felt, making them alternately ridiculous (Gretzinger) and irrelevant (me) in their own sexual-harassment tales, and training them to see themselves as resourceless victims of resourceful men.
Kenner comments: "This is a resourceless man's verse; the resourceless man wrote but did not transmute; it is hard to wring song from philology" (Era 195).
And our impoverished and resourceless party in some sense has never been stronger than it is now, when it can offer no privilege or benefit to its activists.
But aside from stimulating new restrictions on immigration, it is hard to see that these largely resourceless people have much impact on government policy.
In particular, Handler wishes to investigate the impact of these developments on subordinate groups--the poor, the resourceless, and the vulnerable--given their relatively powerless position in society.
Terrified of their own inner insecurity at the border between rationality and conflict, between the new academic political protestantism and politics as the art of the possible, they proceed as if to terminate philosophy, to abolish or to supersede critical, self-conscious reason, would leave us resourceless to know the difference between fantasy and actuality, to discern the distortion between ideas and their realization.
It started as a resourceless poor country in 1961, the majority living below the poverty line.
On the one hand, the uneven distribution of power pitted a relatively resourceless, unsupported worker against the usually combined might of employer, police, reserve or mission superintendent and Chief Protector.
The relentless domestic turmoil that ensues is responsible for an alarmingly high number of Vietnamese runaways--who, being resourceless, make easy recruits for drug entrepreneurs.