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In turn, libraries were finding it difficult to procure alternate resources due to limited funds.
This virtual crime world demands cooperation and sharing of resources among agencies: ".
According to the 2003 WHO publication The Right to Water, the declaration of water as a human right helps to ensure that governments redress cases of inequitable access to crucial resources.
Have your teacher record on the chalkboard the number of panthers and the total number of resources.
Consider at the outset that although intelligent storage networks were originally conceived of as a way to simply virtualize disparate resources, they can also offer a number of value-added functionalities, the most notable being data mirroring and replication across heterogeneous systems.
These efforts include communication with faculty about resources in their areas of interest, an e-mail liaison list, a twice-yearly print newsletter, and an online news site.
Center leaders have written a primer on e-health, answered frequently asked questions (FAQ), and listed recommended readings and resources on the topic.
Economic analysis is based on the fundamental notion of efficient use of available resources.
The implementation step requires the commitment of sufficient financial resources to build and to operate the water project.
In a comprehensive sense, rehabilitation professionals will meet the challenge of the future by being community resources themselves.
The Forest Service has been under pressure to respond to global environmental considerations that may have impacts on renewable resources in the U.

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