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As her children handle the social challenges of middle school and college, Rix and her husband have tried to create an atmosphere where their children feel respected and loved enough to come to them with any questions about sexuality.
37) Such reliance will not be respected in the case of an LT or a RAT, however, if the opinion giver is a "disqualified tax advisor" (DTA) or the opinion is a "disqualified tax opinion" (DTO).
Employees] want to be respected, treated fairly, and recognized for their contributions.
deems that every human being has an intrinsic and inviolable dignity and value which includes the right to freedom of religion, conscience, or belief that should be respected and safeguarded;
was named the world's most respected property/construction company in the recently released Financial Times/PricewaterhouseCoopers World's Most Respected Companies Survey 2001.
Confucian writers described how parents and the elderly should be respected in a variety of forms and the importance of individual forms has been treated by writers in varied ways depending on their belief and interests, and the context of discussion.
Being honest and extending discipline when needed is welcomed and respected by campers.
At Leawood, he and his assistants took over a moribund program, reshaped its whole philosophy, and produced a respected, competitive and winning football program practically overnight.