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First, it has a stimulating effect on the respiratory centers in the brain;
This ultimately triggers the stimulation of the respiratory center in the brain, which causes the person to awaken briefly to take some quick, deep breaths.
The respiratory center consists of several nuclei (i.
The Board will review and appoint individual steering committee members for the Cardiovascular, Endocrine and Respiratory Centers of Excellence this month.
In patient's with chronic carbon dioxide retention, however, the respiratory center becomes insensitive to carbon dioxide and hypoxemia provides the main stimulus to respiration.
Some compounds in smoke act as anesthetics, putting the brain to sleep and shutting down the brain's respiratory centers.
CSA generally arises from damage to the respiratory centers in the brain from cardiovascular disease, such as lack of oxygenation to the brain from stroke or poor cerebral circulation.
In conclusion, not only is activity of the inspiratory rib cage muscles increased during a failed weaning trial, but respiratory centers also recruit sternomastoid and expiratory muscles.
The respiratory centers respond to changes in oxygen, carbon dioxide, and acid levels in the blood.