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The water sounded throughout the valley and the sun shone resplendently on the dew, oh my dew.
While the movie's palette soon bloomed resplendently, Craig's performance remained formidably black and white.
Resplendently turned out in uniform, and equipped with all the necessary conventional fishing equipment like Leatherman tools, Boga Grips and a knowledge of fishing knots and techniques, many of these Zambians have long experience in angling on the river.
Our hotel room looks out at one of the island's six black-and-white painted lighthouses which guard the bay at night, while by day the turquoise sea glimmers resplendently in the sun.
It's all a far cry from the days when all we had was Fanny Craddock showing us how to cook choux pastry swans while resplendently clad in full evening dress.
Although resplendently shot and elegantly appointed, this fusty melodrama of romanticized destitution and tormented love recounts events without exploring the mind of an intellectual woman of her time.
And they are still with us in the shape of a statue on Broad Street, lacquered resplendently in bright gold.
The biryani however ended up being resplendently enriched with spices, vegetables, dried fruit, exotic infusions and breakthrough cooking methods like the EoACAydum' (sealing the mouth of the pot with a ring of dough and allowing the steam to cook the contents).
Autumn the yard partly bright and brassy, no tapestry, is passing-- the populace is improving with commercial merchandise picked up for a song (in a botany box you never show me, that never appeared) the dark green of undergrowth is startling every tree brawling resplendently after the first experimental batch we jammed them deep and rippling one morning, to our distress, they detect our fallacies exhibiting dumb surprise IX.
It resplendently interprets the lotus motif of the cave paintings, moved, as are the caves themselves, by the remembrance that the Buddha preached the Dharma while seated at the center of a lotus flower.
The Vans Downtown Showdown was resplendently surreal, as it went off again on Paramount Studios' back-lot New York Street set in Hollywood, CA.
The Hermitage Collection at Jumeirah Dhevanafushi is resplendently poised for the most discerning traveller wanting to experience a truly unique level of remote luxury.