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an officer responded to Pierce Street to serve a no-trespassing order.
an officer responded to Classic Suites and Inn, on West Boylston Street, to keep the peace.
an officer and an ambulance responded to Oakdale Rehabilitation Center, on North Main Street, for a male in need of medical attention.
an officer responded to Shrine Avenue regarding threats.
an officer responded to West Boylston Street for a disabled vehicle on the side of the road; caller was worried about it being in a bad spot.
Surprisingly, there were 30 companies for which the CEO responded but not the senior tax person.
For example, certain cells (called the predominant type) responded most to pictures of other sheep with large horns, while the "familiar' cell types responded to pictures of sheep that were known to the study subjects.
Animal Control responded to Yorktown Road for a lost dog.
Seventeen percent responded within an hour in the first round, with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles replying within 9 minutes.
an officer responded to Prospect Street for a civil dispute.
officers responded to Western Avenue for a person running through a yard.