response to an action

See: appearance
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SME's announcement was made in response to an action taken earlier this week by five vendors of SME filing an involuntary Chapter 11 reorganization petition seeking court supervision of its restructuring.
His smart and frequently amusing sayings are often in response to an action, or to let you know what he is doing.
8, 1993, in Los Angeles Superior Court, is in response to an action filed in November 1992 against her, in which Cameron seeks to enforce contracts signed by Willie during his lifetime, including the contract Dixon terminated along with a written personal management agreement that expired in 1982.
In response to an action brought against the Fund by a group of related stockholders, the District Court had ruled that the Fund's By-law requiring the election of Directors by a majority of the Fund's outstanding shares was invalid and that the nominees supported by the stockholder group should be seated as Directors of the Fund instead of the nominees supported by the Fund's Board of Directors.
The orders were in response to an action filed In February 1998 by Fujifilm, charging infringement of 15 of its U.
District Court in response to an action filed by RealNetworks (RNWK), which alleged that three products -- Streambox Ripper, Streambox VCR and Streambox Ferret -- have caused irreparable harm to RealNetworks.